Shakthi FM

Shakthi FM is the no.1 Sri Lankan Tamil radio station streaming its audio live from Colombo, Sri Langka. The Shakthi FM on-air programs could be heard by the Sri Lankan in Colombo, East, Northcentral & South through 105.1FM frequency, Upcontry & Islandwide 103.8FM, Uva & East 91.2FM and Jaffna & Kandy 91.5FM. The Shakthi FM entertains its listeners through various programs such as Raajangam, Raathiriyin Sonthakaaran, Hello Shakthi, Malarum Shakthi and much more. 
For more details about radio Shakthi FM, visit their website at

Below is List of Online Tamil Radio Station broadcasting and streaming live on the internet

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